Długa 50A, 37-413
Huta Krzeszowska


Maturity group  early

Violetta has a determinate growth type and it is cultivated in the regions with sufficient moisture in summer period. It emulsifies very quickly and is processed for food purposes for milk and tofu production. Grain has a pleasant taste. This variety is also possible to use for the second crop. It requires approximately 2000-2200 degrees of the sum of effective temperatures.

Biological characteristics:

  • Growth type: determinate
  • Growth habit: erect
  • Color of hairs: grey
  • Color of beans: white
  • Height: 75-90 cm
  • Height of lower pod attachment: 10-14 cm
  • Leaf shape: oval
  • Flower color: violet
  • Seed coat color: yellow
  • Seed shape: oval-flattened
  • Hilum color: yellow

Economic indicators:

  • Sum of effective temperatures: 2000-2200 degrees
  • 1000 seeds weight: 165-200 g
  • Maximum potential yield: up to 4,2 t/hа
  • Protein content (in 2014): 41-44 %
  • Oil content: 20-22 %