Długa 50A, 37-413
Huta Krzeszowska


Maturity group – very early

Annushka is recommended for the second crop in Southern regions and for sowing in organic farming because of its short vegetation period. It is a reliable predecessor for winter crops and it can be used as sidereal steam: rotten green mass serves as a soil fertilizer and root system nourishes soil with additional nitrogen. Grain has a yellow color and it is suitable for high-tech food processing. The products of this variety have a slightly sweetened taste. The sum of effective temperatures for this variety should be 1800-1900 degrees.

Biological characteristics:

  • Growth type: intermediate
  • Growth habit: erect
  • Color of hairs: grey
  • Color of beans: grey
  • Height: 80-115 cm
  • Height of lower pod attachment: 10-16 cm
  • Leaf shape: lanceolate
  • Flower color: violet
  • Seed coat color: yellow
  • Seed shape: oval
  • Hilum color: yellow with an eye

Economic indicators:

  • Sum of effective temperatures: 1800-1900 degrees
  • 1000 seeds weight: 140-155 g
  • Maximum potential yield: up to 4.6 t/hа
  • Protein content (in 2014) : 38-40 %
  • Oil content: 18-23 %