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Huta Krzeszowska


Maturity group – medium to late

The variety Antonella belongs to the new high-yield generation allowing to receive potential yield of more than 7 t/ha in optimal cultivation conditions with imperative use of precision seeding and local application of fertilizers. It was tested in Italy. Plants of the variety have a harmonious ripeness, increased yield and are suitable for mechanized harvesting. Seeds have high commercial qualities.

The purchase of Antonella seeds is possible for 2020 season by preliminary orders since the seeds will pass specially elaborated unique preparation system INTEQ on germination raise and diseases elimination and at the end will be coated into biopolymer protecting seed material from adverse weather conditions. Our seed preparation system along with biopolymer coating and the use of special cultivation technology will give a chance to receive maximum yield potential in one-year application period. Feel free to contact us for placing your order!

Biological characteristics:

  • Growth type – determinate
  • Growth habit – erect
  • Color of hairs – tawny
  • Color of beans – light brown
  • Height – 75-110 cm
  • Height of lower pod attachment – 13-17 cm
  • Leaf shape – oval
  • Flower color - white
  • Seed coat color – yellow
  • Seed shape – spherical
  • Hilum color – light brown

Economic indicators:

  • 1000 seeds weight – 150-200 g
  • Sum of effective temperatures – 2700-2800 degrees
  • Maximum potential yield - ˃ 7 t/hа
  • Protein content (in 2014) – >42%
  • Oil content – 20-23%