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Huta Krzeszowska


In the framework of resource-efficiency policy, biological material should be used to its maximum. Saving and application of genetic potential at a full starts with seeds. As an embryo of future plants, seeds are the carrier of biological traits, hence, only healthy seed material is able to implement high potential of a variety and give detection of the most essential for the plant development traits.

With an aim of germination level raise and maximum use of genetic potential, our company has elaborated the multi-complex innovative system of technologies INTEQ II LOK containing several technological stages of seeds preparation procedure and specially designed cultivation method, so called “paired rows”. One of the most crucial technology of INTEQ II LOK includes techniques on the awakening of embryonic membrane, which helps eliminate seeds hardness and ensure timely emergence. The set of technologies are implemented in order to kill bacteria and pathogens saving seeds from the development of such diseases as bacteriosis, anthracnose, purple cercosporosis, fusarium of sprouts etc.

At the final stage of seeds preparation procedure, the technology of biopolymer coating has been elaborated. The patented innovative biopolymer as an outcome in the framework of the project BIOSTRATEG (ID: 346390) serves to save encrusted seeds from moisture, cold and any possible adverse cultivation conditions and diseases caused by soil borne pathogenic fungi allowing farmers to disregard weather forecasts and adjust seeding period to own preferences. Properly selected natural, bioactive polymers, due to their harmless and unusual mode of action will also protect the seeds against the phytotoxic action of certain pesticides and toxic residues of chemicals in soil that have been used by farmers for previous crops.

The special cultivation technology of “paired rows” researched, tested and verified on the company’s trial fields allows our soybean varieties to show their maximum genetic potential supported by local application of fertilizers and acceleration of photosynthesis process.

All our innovations are based on ecologically friendly solutions and strive to foster resource-efficiency and economic feasibility of soya cultivation.