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AgeSoya is actively developing company with everlasting intention for upgrowth, improvement, progress and evolution. One of our main task is to encourage and stimulate soya cultivation in all over the world, and even in those countries where soya has not been cultivated before. In order to achieve this goal, our company is calling for collaboration and creation of effective "breeder - producer - distributor" working chain. 

WHO: We are happy to start mutually fruitful cooperation on the basis of license agreements with seed companies, agro-holdings, large farming entities and any individual willing to begin and develop soybean production business in their country. 

HOW: By obtaining exclusive/non-exclusive license on the use of varieties from AgeSoya, a partner receives a right to produce, multiply, certify and sell seed material to users in their country or designated area. 

WHY: Each our partner gets access to high-yielding non-GMO competitive soybean varieties, satisfying the market demand and meeting users' needs. Soya is essential for crop rotation, therefore, everyday more and more farmers get acceptance and comprehension towards importance of this ecologically and economically beneficial crop. High productivity, resistance to diseases and adaptation to various climate conditions create added value of our soybean varieties, distinguishing them from competing alternatives on the market. 


AgeSoya is open for new partnership coming from all over the world. We are open for fruitful cooperation!