Długa 50A, 37-413
Huta Krzeszowska


Our vision: we are a young, promising and dynamically developing business striving for leadership in the European markets of agricultural products.

Our success is based on people, efficiency and advanced technologies.

Our development strategy consists of expansion, renewal and innovative approach of infrastructure development through the following:

  • transfer to the official trials of the stable lines of new generation (yields and other varietal qualities are much higher compared to competing varieties on the market);
  • accumulation of high-quality seed material of varieties of new generation based on winter nurseries in Africa and South America. Such an approach will allow the rapid reproduction of new highly productive lines even during the period of their trials (which takes 2-3 years). In the future, this step will allow instantly and in a balanced way introduce new progressive varieties into commercial stage in the volume required for the market, in this respect, reducing the time for varieties introduction into extensive commercial turnover by at least 2 years;
  • launch of biotechnical laboratory that will enable faster and more precisely to detect the most promising and high-yielding genetic resources on the phase F2 nurseries and elaborate new genetic constructions for creation of varieties with the yield of more than 10 t/ha potentially.
  • construction of 3-4 new seed plants for production and seeds preparation and modernization of equipment on existing facilities with the aim of improving quality, productivity, volume and storage conditions of seed material;
  • protection of seeds from counterfeit using specially elaborated seeds preparation integrated system INTEQ;
  • market development of organic products and seeds;
  • construction of a processing complex for the use of new varieties in the food industry;
  • maximum concentration of the company’s efforts on scientific direction of breeding performance and primary seeding;
  • achievement of 20% ​​of the European market share by 2020, which amounts to 40,000 tons of seed turnover.