Długa 50A, 37-413
Huta Krzeszowska


The strength of our performance lies in the research development and thorough work of professional team with their high competences and experience.  


Within over 20 years, our breeders are working hard in order to create the best soybean varieties with unique traits, high productivity and competitiveness. With the help of crossing activities and recent access to the advanced biotechnologies, our company never stops to refill the variety arsenal every year providing new and improved cultivars to the market. Apart from this, our team is engaged into the scientific projects implementation, permanent laboratory analysis and field researches, innovations development, Field Days arrangement, exhibiting and keeping constant and fruitful dialogue with product users, partners and scientists.  

Out team includes:

  • Breeders
  • Head of laboratory
  • Laboratory assistants
  • Field workers
  • Technical staff
  • Administrative manager
  • Commercial manager
  • Development manager
  • Foreign activity manager
  • Specialist on variety registration and IPR
  • Financial director
  • Accountants