Długa 50A, 37-413
Huta Krzeszowska


Our mission is to provide every inhabitant of the planet with sufficient amount of vegetable protein necessary for health and ensurance of favorable future on planet.

Our values:

  • Quality

Our employees have profound professional knowledge performing their tasks efficiently and in a timely manner. We strive to achieve appropriate product quality control along with optimal use of human, natural and financial resources.

  • Responsibility

We build our activities on the principles of social responsibility. Our efforts are focused on the quality of work and compliance with corporate standards, effective use of resources and clean environment.

  • Customer focus

Our services and product promotion in the markets are based on the principles of deep understanding and effective customer satisfaction.

  • Improvement

We develop business by creating conditions for the development of talents of our employees. We encourage development and training, introduction of promising technologies and improvement of production and management processes.