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Huta Krzeszowska


Naukowo Badawcze Centrum Rozwoju Soi "AgeSoya" is a successful scientific breeding company which specializes in the development of innovative and highly productive soybean varieties possessing high genetic potential, renewal and maintenance of existing varieties and sales of soybean seeds of high reproductions.

1992 – farming activities on the land of only 50 ha in the central part of Ukraine;

1996 – search for a solution for crop rotation and raise of awareness about soya;

1997 – transfer of genetic plasma of 26 soybean lines from the state trial station in Kirovograd, facing the lack of financial support, with an obligation for cultivation on our territory and further development;

2001 – establishment of the scientific seed breeding company Soyevyi Vek;

2005 – breeding of several stable soybean lines;

2007 – registration and inclusion of ultra early soybean variety Annushka in the National List of Plants of Ukraine and beginning of new epoch of soya cultivation;

2009 – decision to enter new markets was done, therefore, genetic plazma was transfered to Poland and active breeding performance was initiated there; Annushka got included in the National List of Plant of United Kingdom;

2011 – establishment of the company Hodowla Soi Agroyoumis Polska Ltd;

2017 – re-organization of the company and creation of Naukowo Badawcze Centrum Rozwoju Soi “AgeSoya”.


From the beginning of breeding performance in Poland, we have made a lot of cross-breeding activities which gave us opportunity to create non-GMO soybean varieties listed in the plant list of the EU countries.